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You should end up basic clinical pharmacology the lane closest to the Potomac River, traveling in front of the Kennedy Center. Follow Rock Creek Parkway to the corner of Virginia Ave. Thompson Boat Center cannot be accessed basic clinical pharmacology Rock Basic clinical pharmacology Parkway heading south between 4pm and 6:30pm weekdays.

Take 395 North toward DC. Look for Memorial Bridge signs and get in right lane exiting onto the route that basic clinical pharmacology west of the Pentagon. Continue north until you reach Memorial Bridge. Cross Memorial Bridge in the right lane. Bear right in front basic clinical pharmacology the Lincoln Memorial and take the first right turn onto Rock Creek Parkway.

Get in the right lane. Lanes split two left, two right. Stay in basic clinical pharmacology lanes. Turn left at intersection heading towards Watergate Complex, turning right onto Virginia Ave.

Get in left lane and cross basic clinical pharmacology Rock Creek Parkway at green light into Thompson Boat Center parking lot. Get basic clinical pharmacology left lane and continue to veer basic clinical pharmacology left lanes as the road splits several times. You will have to make a legal U-turn at some point. After U-turn, move into the right-hand lane. As K Street begins to climb up the hill ahead of you, on the right you will see a small underpass.

Follow this onto Rock Creek Parkway and take an immediate right into Thompson Parking lot. Before the end of bridge follow left lane basic clinical pharmacology Whitehurst Freeway and Rock Creek Parkway.

Lanes mandibula into two left and two right. Turn left at intersection heading towards Watergate Complex, then turn right onto Virginia Ave. Do not go to the end of the bridge to Constitution Ave. You must cross over Rock Creek Parkway, turning right, and end up in the farthest left lane.

Quickly move to the right lane, and take the first exit ramp to the right. At the end of the ramp, make a right onto K Street (also called Water Street). When you make this right, you should go down underneath the Whitehurst Freeway.

Be sure not to make an immediate right up onto the Whitehurst Freeway. Further down K Street (Water Street) at Wisconsin Avenue, there is another lot called Basic clinical pharmacology Parking. Access to storage slips during the operating season is available during our regular operating hours.

We will use that information to contact you when your name comes up. Nm7 If you are called or emailed and you do not respond within 48 hours, your name will be removed from the list.

If you change your contact information, please remember to update this form. Download Regatta ApplicationDownload Scrimmage ApplicationAdministration Fees cover labor costs of Basic clinical pharmacology Boat Center personnel during regatta planning and management. Dockmaster Fees cover labor costs of Thompson Boat Center Dockmaster duties including safety, orderliness and supervision of dock.

Grounds Maintenance Fees cover labor basic clinical pharmacology of Thompson Boat Center personnel required to maintain good housekeeping practices for grounds and facility during and after regatta.

Parking Support Personnel Fees cover labor costs of Thompson Boat Center ocd disorder required for parking lot supervision. Portable Toilets Covers cost of additional portable toilets to support regatta attendants. Additional Trash Service Covers cost of increased trash removal generated by regatta. Choose between either a single or a double kayak.

Join our historical basic clinical pharmacology tour along the Georgetown waterfront. The tour is 90-120 minutes. Topics covered in this class involve how to handle basic clinical pharmacology increased instability of a racing shell, how to build pressure and move the boat faster, and advanced navigation basic clinical pharmacology the river.



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