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One option to consider given chinese journal of aeronautics differences between place- and face-selective regions is that different mechanisms may affect development of sulci vs. However, our data suggest that this is not the case. While both CoS-places and mOTS-characters are in sulci, the latter exhibits tissue growth, but the former does not.

Research on oligodendrocytes and their progenitor cells indicate that development of myelin is activity dependent (74). In summary, a major goal of neuroscience is to understand mechanisms of brain development.

Our study demonstrates the feasibility of evaluating in vivo tissue properties in gray and white matter in children and adults using 3-T MRI. Critically, our study underscores the significance of multimodal measurements of microstructural and morphological changes of brain tissue across childhood development.

Our findings have broad implications for large-scale studies of chinese journal of aeronautics development including the Pediatric Imaging Neurocognition and Genetics Data Repository (75), the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study (76), and the HCP data (54) that use algorithms based on the chinese journal of aeronautics of MR impotence to estimate CT.

Importantly, since these high-impact and large-scale studies will influence future policies that promote the health and well-being of children, our study proposes chinese journal of aeronautics multimodal (77) advanced qMRI and dMRI methods in combination with high-resolution 7-T whole-brain scans of ex vivo tissue (78) are exciting avenues to advance understanding of brain development.

Finally, because apparent cortical thinning is pervasive during childhood and broadly throughout the life span, our data have key ramifications for understanding typical (79) and atypical brain development, as chinese journal of aeronautics as clinical conditions (80, 81) implicating myelin and morphology. Twenty-seven children (14 females, ages 5 to 12) and 30 adults (11 females, ages 22 to 28) participated in our study.

Children were recruited from the Palo Alto, California, school district, through flyers and online advertisements. Adult subjects are Stanford Chinese journal of aeronautics affiliates. All subjects had normal or corrected-to-normal vision and provided written, informed consent.

Protocols were approved by the Stanford Internal Review Board on Human Subjects. All subjects participated in multiple scanning sessions, on different days, to obtain qMRI, dMRI, and fMRI data. Children underwent a training session, prior to scanning, inside an MRI scanner simulator to remain still inside the scanner.

All in vivo data were acquired using a 3-T GE Signa MRI scanner at Stanford University. Subjects were scanned drugchoice methods described in our prior work (27).

Curvature maps quantify curvature magnitude at each vertex and if the vertex is on a sulcus or gyrus. Tensors were fit to each voxel using a least-squares algorithm, and MD maps were obtained from the tensors files. To localize fROIs, subjects participated in a localizer experiment as in our prior work (27, 34, 35, 43) (SI Appendix). Subjects viewed gray-scale stimuli, which were blocked by category. Images included 2 subtypes from 5 categories: characters (numbers and pseudowords), bodies (limbs and headless bodies), human chinese journal of aeronautics (child and adult faces), places (houses and indoor scenes), and objects (guitars and cars) (SI Appendix, Fig.

We defined face- character- and place-selective fROIs in each participant as in our prior studies (27, 34, 35, 43) (SI Appendix). We first averaged in each subject CT within each fROI, and then averaged CT across subjects within an age group. Mean T1, MTV, and MD were calculated for the FDWM and averaged across subjects within an age group. Statistical analyses were performed using repeated-measures ANOVAs.

Similar analysis was conducted for MD, with the exception that the cortex was divided into 8 rather than chinese journal of aeronautics steps, as MD maps were 2-mm voxel resolution. To test whether our data replicate prior longitudinal data in anatomical parcellations (2), we generated CT maps for year 2 data using FreeSurfer and estimated CT in anatomical parcellations of the FG, OTS, and CoS.

We then extracted mean T1 per fROI (face- place- and character-selective) and year. Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVAs. Blocks of 5 postmortem brains were provided by the Brain Banking Centre Leipzig of the German Brain-Net (GZ 01GI9999-01GI0299), operated by the Paul Flechsig Institute of Brain Research (University of Leipzig) (SI Appendix, Table S2).

Sections were rehydrated in distilled water and stained following the classical Gallyas protocol (48) with modifications (82). To assure the complete visualization of myelin fibers, including thin fibers, the developing step was extended to 40 min (SI Appendix). All images were obtained under equal conditions to ensure comparable data chinese journal of aeronautics the organophosphate poisoning ppt processing.

To visualize the neuronal layers in the cortex, Nissl substance in neurons was stained with 0. The section of slices used for Nissl staining was adjacent to the section used for myelin silver staining.

For each myelin slice, we divided the cortex into equidistant depths from the pial surface to white matter. We obtained mean OD (myelin density) at each depth (OD at each point was normalized with respect to OD in white matter) per region. To test whether myelin and Nissl staining at micrometer resolution provide the same estimates of CT, we measured CT in the regions of interest independently from Nissl and myelin slices. As far as possible, we closely matched the slices across stains.

Code relevant for analysis and source data (Figs. This research was funded by NIH Grants 1R01EY022318 and 1R01EY023915 (to K.



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