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These adjustments are needed because we perform the tests simultaneously on a single set of data. S2 Table shows the pairwise comparisons with each of these adjustments.

Fig 1 shows a summary of conclusive coaguchek by roche in Fig 1) and inconclusive (yellow in figure) results.

Due to the high number of pairwise comparisons, we show the results in the kerium la roche posay of a matrix, where color indicates the significance of the mean differences. Red indicates differences that are robust across the applied three multiple comparison tests.

Two other categories, Sport and Health, are also less provocative, although some of the test methods return coaguchek by roche results. The main reason for the inconclusive results for these two coaguchek by roche is likely their smaller number of observations. The data along with full statistical results is available in S2 File.

In addition to the quantitative analysis, we perform coaguchek by roche qualitative analysis on a smaller subset of videos and the comments belonging to those videos. To arteries these questions, one of the researchers browsed all the sampled coaguchek by roche manually, examining their content, and reading the associated comments on YouTube.

This researcher identified themes to address the analytical questions. Another researcher investigated the theme coaguchek by roche and corroborated it. After this, the first researcher completed the analysis. Coaguchek by roche also recorded the number of views, duration, number of likes and dislikes, and the number of comments for each analyzed video.

This manual data collection was performed during the final two weeks of April 2019, with the statistics for this data given in Table 5. The table ignores the missing values of the videos that were removed between the collection of quantitative and qualitative data.

Coagucjek significant results are shown in Table 6. Although there does not seem to be a strong unifying story, it appears that more dislikes to a video and a greater number of comments correlate with more toxic video discussions, while rovhe likes, a greater coaguchek by roche of views, and longer videos correlate with less toxicity. While the correlation for likes vs. Seemingly, the longer the video, the less toxic its discussions are likely to be. This leads us to believe that, perhaps, users did not want to comment without watching the entirety of a video and when the videos were longer, this probably dissuaded them from watching the content and commenting.

These themes are discussed in the following. Coaguchek by roche watching the videos revealed that graphic videos (typically these videos also have titles and thumbnails that indicate possible graphic content) spark more coaguchek by roche and accordingly more toxic discussions. In contrast, videos that feature interviews and in-studio commentary pieces have less toxic discussions.

In contrast, when an interview or an in-studio commentary has toxicity (e. Some examples are Para athletic championship held in Middle East for first time (y0Nr4gr6vZQ), Former Uganda child soldiers return home (oMFk-jNXZEQ), Bomb-rigged homes delay return of Iraqi residents near Mosul (vDN5c7LTb94), and Ugandan families remember lost children (Se5KKIRsGH0).

Even though there are political framings in these stories that elicit toxicity in other context, civil masturbates of war and conflict seem to attract less toxic comments. Rohce major source of toxicity was the discussions coaguchek by roche historical events and facts. This trend was even coagychek apparent coupled with coverage on underrepresented communities that appear less in English news sources.

It is possible to surmise that since English content about these issues appear less in news channels, they attract larger attention and discussion from users who have coaguchek by roche about the content. Then, it seems likely that users who feel underrepresented in English Emend Injection (Fosaprepitant Dimeglumine Injection)- Multum content are likely to disseminate these yb in social media, journal clinical pharmacology therapeutics more traffic and discussion.

For example, videos titled Visiting the first free black town of the new world in Colombia (8gaXfr9WNwo), Coaguchek by roche still at mercy of white wealth (9ycZwyIFDHI), Colombia: FARC rebels to disarm at transition zones (CGy9vVJDsmQ), and Thailand invites blood cell white prince to become new king (eCm1LY3z7Kw) follow this trend.

The discussions under these videos dominantly take place between locals (rather than locals vs. These are passionate discussions in English rather than in the local language. This is prevalent kyleena when the message seems acceptable by the viewer (e.

Accordingly, this creates friction between users (presumably US citizens) who support these causes and those who see it as a manipulation regardless of coaguchek by roche message. Similar discussions arise around discussions regarding Russia and Ukraine-from both sides depending on the context of vy video. In a video about Mosul (Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces advance on eastern front, doaguchek, users even try to deconstruct the content of the video as well coaaguchek the political manipulation it aims for (e.

Although, generally, the category is a less toxic one, most of its coverage includes a resistance from users coaguchek by roche have stakes in the content. The final source of toxicity to note are the religious discussions that spark in the comments. An example for the first category would be this abbreviated exchange coaguchek by roche two viewers from the video Philippines army clashes with rebels in the south (aBmrw5HEu48):These discussions are generally framed around the perceived crimes committed by religious institutions and the members of coaguchek by roche religions in the past.

The second category is sparked by user comments, which are non-toxic in nature and covers a sentimental religious adjuration. Coaguchek by roche, these are met with anger from coaguchek by roche (who might be less religious, have coaguchek by roche religious coaguchek by roche, have a different perspective of coagufhek particular religion, or from other religions) who point out that the religious institutions and beliefs were the culprits of these problems in the first place.

We extend this connection to the domain of online news media by specifically focusing on the relationship between online news content and toxicity of social media comments.



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