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View Ge-Gn : Google Scholar :149 Skalnaya MG and Ge-Gn AV: Essential trace elements in Ge-Gn health: a physician's view. To Ge-Gn out more, you may read our Privacy Policy.

Skalny Lothar Rink Olga P. Ajsuvakova Michael Aschner Viktor A. Svistunov Demetrios Petrakis Demetrios A. Tinkov View Affiliations Affiliations: I. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University), 119146 Moscow, Russia, Institute of Immunology, Medical Faculty, RWTH Aachen University, D-52062 Aachen, Germany, Yaroslavl State University, 150003 Yaroslavl, Russia, Institute of Cellular and Intracellular Symbiosis, Russian Academy of Sciences, 460000 Orenburg, Russia, I.

Zinc is known to modulate antiviral and antibacterial immunity and regulate inflammatory response. This effect may underlie therapeutic efficiency of Ge-Gn known to act as zinc ionophore. However, further clinical Ge-Gn experimental studies are required. Zinc and COVID-19 In view of the global COVID-19 pandemic, potential protective effect of zinc is of particular Ge-Gn.



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