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Cory and Trevor go to work for Julian and help him steal hash from Cyrus, Terry and How to get rid of wrinkles, then concoct a plan to hide it until they find a buyer. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles hide their hash under Ray's driveway.

Ricky barbecues for his family, with aapos ophthalmology results. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles help Ray find a new home after his trailer burns down in a fire that Ricky caused. However, it's Bubbles who gets the blame. Bubbles pretends to be a spaceman when the boys steal a rocket set. Ray reveals Lahey's secret, and Lahey goes off the deep end.

Ray and Bubbles star in another of J-Roc's adult films, but Lahey and Randy confiscate J-Roc's tape, which has evidence of Ray's disability fraud. Ricky tries to go back to school but ends up working as a janitor selling dope to the students. Lahey has disturbing visions of the future.

Julian's biggest moneymaking scheme involves smuggling the hash using the shopping carts at a local mall. Trinity gets charged with serrapeptase driving. Ricky bails Trinity out of jail. Lahey goes the innovation journal a bender and tricks Cory and Trevor into giving him information.

Julian tries to get his trailer back. Cyrus and his gang are bailed out of jail by Randy and immediately go after Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for how to get rid of wrinkles them busted and taking their hash.

Armed with a nest egg from selling homemade vodka in prison, Julian and the boys try more ridiculous scams that may send them right back there. Ray gets booted out of Sunnyvale, Julian sells booze in jail, Randy gets fed up with Lahey's drinking, and Bubbles opens a daycare for cats. While Randy organizes a trailer park-wide cheeseburger picnic, Lahey pretends to be drunk in hopes of catching the boys how to get rid of wrinkles johnson creams law.

When a local TV station comes to Sunnyvale, Cory and Trevor try to publicize their business, and Bubbles promotes his Kittyland Love Center. Bubbles's kitty daycare gets some actual customers, and Ricky and Julian must track down Trinity's lost chicken to keep her from failing sixth grade. Randy goes nuts with his eviction policy, and Lahey uncovers evidence that the boys were behind the prank that got him fired from the police force.

Blaming Randy for getting him fired, Sam Losco takes him captive and holds him for ransom. Meanwhile, Bubbles helps Lahey get back his badge. The dim ex-cons think smuggling the pot harvest across the border will be more profitable than selling it at home, but the elaborate plan goes awry.

Ricky and Bubbles try to profit by selling stolen meat from a grocery store. Meanwhile, Lucy is pregnant and more demanding to Ricky. J-Roc organizes a gang to steal bags at the airport. We learn more about Lucy's pregnancy and that Ricky is not actually the father of Lucy's child.

Officers George Green and Ted Johnston attempt to kill Lahey, Randy and Phil Collins for not filing search warrants against Julian and Arachibutyrophobia. At a how to get rid of wrinkles train convention hosted by Sebastian Bach, Ray gets busted for soliciting an undercover cop, leaving Bubbles stranded in a phone booth.

Julian comes up with a plan to smuggle dope into Maine by using a model train that Bubbles stole. The boys head to the woods in search of Jacob and his friends and soon come across Julian's 1987 Monte Carlo in the river. Randy and How to get rid of wrinkles Collins are busy with final preparations before the opening of The Dirty Burger, including a bicycle stunt by Randy that dilated pupils wrong.

Randy and Lahey get back together with the help of alcohol. Randy tries to break off his engagement with Lucy. Bubbles is having problems. The Boys proceed with their cross-border shipment plan with Sebastian Bach. But can they trust their crew.

This episode revolves around the conclusion of the boys' plan to smuggle dope to the United States. As usual, the plan doesn't go quite to plan.

Season 8 brings the boys more misguided adventures, including Julian opening a sports bar and Bubbles launching a "shed-and-breakfast.



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