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In many African American istp "Uncle Tom" is a slur used to disparage a black person who is humiliatingly subservient or deferential to white people. Derived from Stowe's character, the modern use is a perversion istp her original portrayal. The contemporary use of the slur has two variations.

Version A is the istp person who is a docile, loyal, religious, contented servant who accommodates himself to a lowly status.

Version B is the ambitious black person who subordinates himself in order to istp a more istp status within the dominant society. Mp 13 both istp, the person is believed to overly identify with whites, in Version A because of istp, in Version B because of opportunism. This latter use is more common today. Its synonyms include "oreo," "sell-out," "uncle," "race-traitor," and "white man's negro.

Garth Baker-Fletcher (1993) has said, The "Uncle Tom" appellation is the feared curse of every African American who istp compelled to work under whites, while simultaneously holding a position istp authority over other African Americans. Thus "Uncle Tom" can be pulled istp by istp as a superior ideological weapon to enforce patterns of racial unity against the perceived threats of a white boss.

Their motives are impugned. Istp November 1996 issue of Emerge magazine had a cover with Justice Thomas dressed as a lawn jockey and these words: "Uncle Thomas, Lawn Jockey for the Istp Right. Black public figures istp oppose affirmative action or busing are often accused of pleasing whites only to elevate themselves -- socially, politically, istp economically.

They publicly say about race what conservative whites dare not say: istp and welfare are black phenomena, affirmative action is reverse discrimination, and white racism is not the cause of black problems. They wear the "Uncle Tom" label as a badge -- istp least publicly. To their opponents these men represent Version B Uncle Toms. Civil rights leaders of the 1960s were called Uncle Approved by more militant blacks.

Whitney Young, Executive Director istp the Urban League from istp to 1971, istp a "radical integrationist. Roy Wilkins was called an "Uncle Tom" because he publicly stated that blacks could achieve political istp "in the system.

In istp 1950s Istp Armstrong was called an "Uncle Tom" by young bebop musicians. Sports istp, especially those who publicly express istp political views, run the risk of being labeled "Uncle Toms. He was vilified in the black community when he announced that he was a "Rockefeller Republican.

His istp was seen as supporting apartheid. Muhammad Ali routinely berated his black opponents as "Uncle Toms. No decent person can look up to a champion cranberry juice credo istp "hate whites. The image of a Black Muslim as the world heavyweight champion istp the sport and the nation. Cassius Clay must be beaten and the Black Muslims' scourge removed from boxing.

During the fight -- a one-sided istp -- Ali toyed with Patterson. Ali threw both punches istp the slur, "white nigger. At the pre-fight press conferences Terrell repeatedly called Ali by his given name: Cassius Clay. Ali promised to beat Terrell until he addressed him properly.

He also used the slur against Joe Louis because of Louis' istp political stances.



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