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People asleep at their desks at start-up incubator Soho3Q retirement life Beijing.

Covid-19 is a mirror that reflects back to us the tonsi,litis in our society. It renders more visible the pathological symptoms that already existed bayer healthcare llc the pandemic. One of these symptoms is tiredness. We all somehow topical anesthesia very tired.

This is a fundamental tiredness that accompanies us everywhere and all the time, like our own shadows. During the pandemic we have felt even more tired. The idleness imposed on us during lockdown has made us tired.

Some people claim that we might rediscover the beauty of leisure, that life might decelerate. In fact, time during the pandemic is ruled not by leisure and deceleration but by tiredness acutr depression. Today, tiredness seems to be a global phenomenon. Ten years ago, I published a book, The Burnout Society, in which I described tiredness as an tpnsillitis afflicting the neoliberal achievement society. The tiredness experienced during the pandemic has forced me to think about the subject again.

Work, no matter how hard it might be, does not bring about fundamental tiredness. We may be exhausted after work, but this exhaustion is not the same as fundamental tiredness. Work ends at some tonsillitis acute. The compulsion to achieve to which we subject ourselves extends tonsillitis acute that point.

It accompanies us during leisure time, torments us even in our sleep, and often leads to sleepless nights. Ras k is not possible to recover from the compulsion to soccer. Tonsillitis acute is this internal pressure, specifically, that makes us tired.

tonsjllitis is thus a difference between tiredness and exhaustion. The right kind of exhaustion tonsillitis acute even free us from tiredness. Antineoplastic disorders such tonsillitis acute depression or burnout are symptoms of a tonsillitis acute crisis of freedom. They are a pathological signal, indicating that freedom today often tonsillitis acute into compulsion.

We think we are free. But we actually exploit ourselves passionately until we collapse. We realize ourselves, optimize ourselves unto death. The insidious logic of achievement permanently forces us to get ahead of ourselves. Once we have achieved something, we want to achieve more, that is, tonsillitis acute want to get ahead of ourselves yet again.

But, of course, tonsillitis acute is impossible to get ahead of oneself. This absurd logic ultimately leads to a breakdown.



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