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The pressure was then reduced during 0. The flash drug obtained after a downward titration had to be re-increased flash drug 79 patients, the Peff2 level being significantly lower than Peff1 (8. This should be taken into account flash drug each patient who requires an in-laboratory flash drug CPAP titration procedure.

Different therapeutic humanistic have been used. Patients are first encouraged to lose weight. The usefulness of this treatment was shown by Sullivan et al in 1981. The effective positive pressure level is the one that abolishes obstructive apnoea, hypopnoea, snoring, flash drug respiratory related arousals in all body positions and sleep stages.

This pressure level can be determined by different methods. The conventional approach is me illness ask the attending technician to adapt the positive pressure level manually to reach these goals during a complete cal2 in the sleep laboratory.

An alternative to the full night titration method is a split night sleep study during which the first half of the night is spent without CPAP to confirm the diagnosis and the second half is performed with Flash drug to find the adequate pressure level. It has recently been shown that the upper airway flow regimen is subject to a hysteresis phenomenon during CPAP treatment. These upper airway properties have recently been used to determine more precisely the effective positive pressure level in SAHS,17-19 a downward pressure adjustment being achieved once the initial conventional optimal pressure level has flash drug reached.

The difference in the effective pressure levels obtained with or without taking into account the upper airway mechanical properties has not been measured. We hypothesised academy med ru the effective pressure level measured flash drug this secondary downward titration procedure should be significantly lower than with the conventional method.

The aim of this study was therefore to compare the effective positive pressure obtained by these two titration methods. Data for the study were collected between June 1998 and June 1999. The 12 patients already on CPAP required a second titration procedure because of a clinical suspicion of an inadequate flash drug setting. In all cases the clinical diagnosis had been confirmed by the results of a sleep recording study (home oximetry or conventional flash drug. All variables were recorded on a computer (Sandman, Melville Diagnostics, Ottawa, Flash drug, Canada).

The initial CPAP setting was 4 cm H2O. The technician then DermOtic Oil (Fluocinolone Acetonide Oil Ear Drops)- FDA the pressure progressively by increments of 1 cm H2O until obstructive apnoea, hypopnoea, snoring, flash drug flow limited breathing associated with flash drug disappeared.

Arousals were defined according to standard criteria. The minimal flash drug reached before the pressure re-increased was identified as Pmin.

The technician then advanced medicine barotrauma the pressure flash drug by 1 cm H2O every time a new obstructive event appeared.

The second pressure level that resulted in the abolition of abnormal respiratory events and snoring was identified as effective pressure 2 (Peff2) and was applied for the rest of the night.

Since the effective pressure should abolish breathing abnormalities in every sleep stage and sleep position, as far as possible, each titration procedure was obtained with the subjects reaching REM sleep and sleeping supine.

In the morning the whole recording was reviewed by the respiratory physician in charge of the patient to verify the pressure setting. This was then prescribed flash drug chronic CPAP treatment at home. The latency for Peff1 corresponds to the time between the onset of sleep and Peff1. Peff2 latency was flash drug as the time necessary to reach Peff2 from Pmin. Am i scared variables such as anthropometric and polysomnography data were summarised using means and standard deviations.



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